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BIG News: Restore Is Now in Your Local GNC!

Restore is now in your local GNC!

Big news, fellow health lovers! We’re making it easier than ever for everybody to support your healthy gut function. In fact, starting now, RESTORE is available at more than 3000 GNCs across the United States. The shops align perfectly with RESTORE and offer health and nutritional products that […]

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SIX New Places to Buy Restore!

mineral supplementYour path to optimal gut health, with support from Restore, just got easier. We’re pleased to announce that you can now visit six more stores in Illinois, New York, and Florida to purchase our mineral supplement. So if you’re ready to promote balanced gut health and immune function and enhance mental clarity, we’re making it more accessible.

We know shopping online isn’t always an option, so our goal is to continue to offer our valued customers the access to improving their health. In addition to these new locales, Restore can also be found in a growing number of practitioner offices and retail stores across the US.

mineral supplement Restore can now be found in three Sunrise Health Food stores in the Chicago area. Sunrise Health Foods constantly works to deliver the best products to their customers that help promote health, integrity and education. It’s the store’s goal to provide healthy choices for their neighborhoods and community and enable people to shop, learn and live their life healthily. We’re honored to be a part of the Sunrise family!

Find Restore at these three Sunrise Health Food stores in Chicago:


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Join us: Winter of Wellness!

Winter of Wellness Zach Bush

Winter of Wellness

Dr. Bush will be LIVE during the Winter of Wellness “Optimal Health” extravaganza on Friday, February 26. And it’s absolutely FREE! Sign up now to catch talks on all areas of health and well […]

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