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Gut Health and Bacterial Communication

For those of you who missed the March 29 conference call with Tom Lowe and Dr. Zach Bush on “Gut Health and Bacterial Communication,” we have the links to the audio below.  The full transcript will be available soon.

For practitioners interested in ordering wholesale, contact and mention that you heard the Tom Lowe gut health talk to receive […]

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Glyphosate, Restore, and Tight Junction Function

Small Intestine, Glyphosate, Restore, and Tight Junction Function

Understanding the chemical Glyphosate, Restore, and Tight Junction Function. This video features photographic evidence of the adverse effects of Glyphosate on tight junction function in laboratory cell culture, as […]

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Glyphosate and Neurotoxicity

Study on neurotoxicity of glyphosate

Glyphosate and Neurotoxicity

Judging by the comments left on our lively Facebook page, you guys are hungry for more of the science behind everything from gut health and tight junctions, to the dangers of GMOs and glyphosate – which we’re going […]

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