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Individual results and the timing of those results can vary based on many factors.

“Your product is a Godsend. I learned about Restore from my diet coach and both my wife and I decided to try it. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! Thank you so much. I tell everyone that they should be using Restore.”
— Joseph Daly, September, 2016

“My son is three months’ shy of his third birthday. I heard positive results from friends who had heard of Restore and decided to give it a try. Not only did my son’s BMs completely balance out within two weeks, but he also went from being nonverbal to reciting his ABCs and numbers (1 to 100), singing full songs, and saying up to three-word sentences in conversations with me and other close adults. I am in awe of what Restore has done for my son and had to seek out an area to write out a testimonial so others could benefit. Thank you, Restore!”
— Savannah Slone, September, 2016

“I have listened to Dr. Pompa a lot and Dr. Bush was a guest, and I was so interested in what he had to say. I bought Restore, and within three weeks or less I wasn’t worrying about what I ate and my face was clear. I love Restore. Restore has taken the stress out of eating.”
— Tricia Hardy, September, 2016

“I found out about Restore from a friend, also a healthcare practitioner, who uses it with her family and has seen amazing changes in her health and her kiddos health. We have all seen decreased bloating, improved digestion, more tolerance of gluten and other foods we encounter when dining out or at friends’ homes, improved behavior and cognition and what seems to be a calmer nervous system.”
— Amy Love, Real Food Whole Health, November 2016

(Amy Love has been compensated as a blogger to promote Restore. Amy also has personally used, and is an actual consumer of Restore dietary supplement, and the above testimonial was unsolicited.)

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Examples of things we’ve heard before include improved digestion, improved elimination, enhanced mental clarity, more energy, more confidence in eating out, has helped me more than anything (and I’ve tried everything), gave my pet more energy, has made a huge change in my life, really works, my whole family takes it and we don’t miss a day, so grateful for RESTORE, etc.

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